From top to bottom, the PlanMember Program has you covered

IRS 403(b) plan regulations continue to place a host of responsibilities upon school districts and nonprofit employers. Many employers make uninformed decisions that may put them at risk for compliance and administration problems, low employee participation and difficulty attracting and retaining employees.

Fortunately, the PlanMember 403(b) & 457(b) Savings Program can help ensure that a plan is both sound for the employer and a true benefit for employees. Here’s what employers will enjoy when offering the PlanMember 403(b) & 457(b) Savings Program to employees:

  • The Complete Solution

    Meeting the needs of your district and your employees requires an experienced partner who understands the needs of both. PlanMember is that partner.

  • Proactive Plan Design

    From 403(b) to 457(b), and from 401(a) to Roth 403(b)/457(b), PlanMember can help design a plan or mix of plans that fits your district’s exact needs.

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

    One way to help ensure high participation in your plan is to educate your employees, and PlanMember can do that for you through a series of educational (non-product, non-sales oriented) workshops.

  • Easy Implementation

    It’s easy to get started today. Click to learn more about how your district can install the PlanMember Program in just a few simple steps.

  • Administrative & Compliance Support

    Compliance can be challenging but PlanMember along with a designated TPA can help keep your retirement plan in line with IRS regulations while reducing administrative burdens.

  • Employees Win, Too!

    PlanMember provides broad investment choice, personalized planning services, financial literacy education and more to your employees.